Monday, December 19, 2011


I made this little snowman using some Plymouth Yarn Heaven that Janet gave me for this purpose. The yarn is really soft and fluffy, but it was not heavenly knitting up a yarn that's meant for size 11 needles when you're only using size 4 needles. My hands hurt! Afterwards, I decided that I'd use a bit of novelty yarn to make the scarf instead of knitting one up. The eyes and buttons are simply toy safety eyes that I poked through the finished piece and glued in place with a little dab of clear nail polish. For the nose, I took a little scrap of orange Cascade 220, wetted it, and rolled it around until it felted into a little conical shape. I like the snowman a lot, but unless Ryan Gosling offers me a hand massage, this will be the only one for awhile.

We also have several button wreath ornaments on the tree, which the girls made earlier this year. These were inspired by Martha Stewart, via Shelley Tantau.


  1. Are you going to show us the whole tree when you're done? All the decorations so far are adorable! I think the snowman was worth the trouble!

  2. I'm with Gail ... show us the whole tree!! I bet it's a stunner with all your lovely ornaments and trinkets.

  3. So cute! Yarn "snow" is the only snow we'll see, and this snowman won't melt!

    And ouch -- although Ryan Gosling *would* make it all better. (I won't tell you how much time I spent on that Tumblr).

  4. Gail & Evelyn, I hope to get some shots up of the whole tree soon!

    Twister Knitter, I didn't even really know who Ryan Gosling was at first, but the creators of that site have really tapped into the crafter's psyche, haven't they?! They need to parlay the site into some sort of merchandise. I'm thinking of a Bobblehead doll that says affirmative things, a la the Tim Gunn doll!

  5. I haven't seen a lot of Ryan Gosling movies, but the most enjoyable one for a knitter is Lars and the Real Girl. It's not at all as creepy as it seems . . . it's a sweet movie.