Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspired By

Inspired by numerous Pins to make some melted crayon art:

There are lots of different versions of this, and various techniques, including using a hair dryer, glue gun, or even an oven to melt your crayons.

My little one had to do a 100th Day of School project, which involved making a display of 100 things. We brainstormed some ideas, and she looked at a bunch of pictures before settling on using 100 crayons. She had hoped to make a heart shape, but we couldn't fit all the crayons onto the canvas we were using, so we decided to make 2 rows of crayons instead. This was a good exercise in the concept of "half," as she had to sort out the colors and use half of a given color on the top and half on the bottom. I put lines of hot glue onto the canvas, working small sections at a time, and she arranged the crayons into place. (ETA: This was meant as a family project. If you want your child to do it on his own, I'd recommend using tacky craft glue over regular white glue). We then put the whole thing into a large cardboard box to protect from wayward drips and splatters, but actually, it was all very tidy and we had no mess at all.

The crayons were melted using a hairdryer with the heat set on high and the fan speed set on low. My daughters and I took turns holding the hairdryer very close to the crayons (and obviously they were supervised during their turns). I was going to make a note of how long it took, but honestly, it was so much fun watching the process that I lost track of time! There are already a number of instructions out there in case you want to make your own. We used the one at 52 Kitchen Adventures as a reference.


  1. Cool! I was thinking about doing this with my niece this summer!

  2. So she'll be coming again? I think she (and you) would enjoy it. I wish I had an excuse to make another, LOL!

  3. How fun! Now that I am on pinterest I see where you are getting all the inspiration! I love it there and love to follow you. When I see your avatar, I say, oh, there's my knitpicky!

  4. I love this project and wish I had an excuse to do it!

  5. I've been re-thinking about your crayon art. I have a Quilt Guild that includes crayons, not certain whether I'll meet their deadline, BUT I can still create something - - -

  6. That's such a neat idea, Gerry! If you do it, I'd love to see what you come up with!