Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Loopsy

My younger daughter got a cute felted purse from Janet for Christmas, along with some yarn to embellish it. Right now, she's in Lalaloopsy mode, so that's the kind of bag she wanted. I thought she did a great job!

She had received a package of Lalaloopsy pencil toppers, and we put them to good use. She arranged everything and used chalk to draw a design.

Then, she stitched some yarn along the chalk lines.

For the next part, I made holes in the pencil toppers so that they could be sewn onto the purse. I dug around in my husband's tool box and found a pick an awl (thanks, Gail!), which I careful worked through the pencil topper. Look away if you're squeamish...

I admit that part was really hard--and kind of dangerous--but I managed to finish all 3, unscathed. After my daughter had stitched her design, I sewed the pencil toppers into place and fashioned a little closure for the purse.

She has decided she wants a Lalaloopsy party for her birthday, so you'll be seeing more Lala posts soon!


  1. Fantastic! I love to see kids crafting!

    p.s. It's called an awl ;-) I'm a tool geek!

  2. I hope we see lots of LaLa posts ... this purse is adorable and I love how your little one worked so hard on it.

    1. She really stuck with it and I'm so proud!