Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inspired By

Inspired by Two Peas & Their Pod, via Britni, to make red velvet crinkle cookies:

These are so delicious and just as easy! We've made similar cookies with lemon or strawberry flavors, and the latter would also have been great for Valentine's Day, but I already had a box of red velvet cake mix in the pantry and decided to use that.

You do have to be careful about two things if you cut out the heart shapes:

#1: If you cut while the cookies are still sitting on a warm cookie sheet like I did, be advised that your cookie cutter will start to get hot. I used a metal cookie cutter and it really transferred the heat! We have some Kevlar gloves that the kids use when they help out in the kitchen (to keep them from cutting themselves), and I ended up having to put those on.

#2: You'll end up with a plateful of scraps, and it will take a tremendous amount of willpower not to eat them all at one go!


  1. I could dig into the scraps right now with a hot cuppa of joe!

    1. Evelyn, it was all I could do to save enough cookies from the batch to pack for the girls' lunch for Valentine's Day tomorrow.