Saturday, January 5, 2013

Inspired By

Inspired by Sarah to make a scarf hanger:

You've probably already seen this idea all over Pinterest. It was appealing to me because it's so modular. I love to sort clothing and accessories by color so that they're easier to find, and I loved the fact that you could add a shower curtain ring anywhere on the hanger without having to shift other things around. As soon as I saw it about a year ago, I put my scarves onto shower curtain rings and put them on a hanger.

The problem, though, was that no matter how hard I tried to keep things evenly distributed, the rings would slip and slide all over, and all the weight would eventually shift to one side, causing the hanger to be lopsided. If you know me at all, you'd know this would irk me! It was actually a little better when there were more scarves on the hanger, but still...

In re-organizing my closet this week, I decided I'd search for other solutions. I love the idea of installing towel bars to hang the scarves, but I didn't have a good space that would work. I looked at various scarf organizers online and then made a trip to the Container Store to evaluate all the ones they had. With some of the commercially available scarf organizers, it was hard to get out one scarf without disturbing the others, or else there was a lot of overlap and things got bulky. Plus, none of them were modular. So I had another look at the hanger + shower curtain ring idea. I tried a wooden hanger, and it was less slippery, but the rings would still slide around. Plus, it wouldn't match the rest of my plastic white hangers, LOL! I didn't want to glue the rings down or put them in fixed positions because then I'd lose some flexibility. So I cut up some foam shelf liner and hot glued it around my hanger. I had the shelf liner on hand already, but I'm sure that felt, fleece, or some other non-slippery fabric would work well.

Now everything stays neat without slipping around, even when there are very few things on the hanger.

I like this so much that I'm hanging my belts this way too. I just orient the ring so that the prong points up and leave it open so that it's easier to get the belt on and off.


  1. Great Idea ! ! !

    I use this sort of shelf liner all the time to keep different items from slipping. Most times it's to keep something propped on a shelf from slipping off onto the floor. Or to keep my Featherweight Singer machine from sliding around while sewing.

    Had not thought about applying to a hanger though, so thanks for this terrific tip.


    1. Thanks, Gerry. I've used this stuff for all kinds of things too. It's really versatile!

  2. Thanks for the great idea! I was just fumbling with all mine, wondering about a neater way to hang them.


    1. Thanks, Jerri. Tidy things make me happy, LOL!