Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Let's Baste This Turkey!

This is not one of those beautiful blogs like I admire so much. You know--the ones with artfully arranged objects, natural lighting, and breathtaking photography. Now, I do have a kick-ass camera, but really it's Hubby's, since I have no photographic skills. I could ask him to take pics, but he's already indulging me by watching the kids or taking care of other things while I knit, so when it's my turn to do all that, he deserves to have time to himself to do whatever he really wants. Also, I hardly ever get to do anything knitting-related when there is natural light to be had. Nope, it's mostly late at night after the kids (and often Hubby) have gone to bed. Hence the crappy photos.

But I did want to show my progress on the sweater.

It's taking shape! As you can see, I've done one sleeve. The math came out right, and the sleeve hits where I wanted it to, low on the hand. I'm basting it so I can try it on as I go along--something I remember to do from my sewing days. It's a quick-and-dirty basting, with just safety pins (and not even the coilless ones--gasp!).

Unfortunately, it's already turning too warm to wear this thing. I'm hoping for just 1 more cold snap in a week or two so that I won't have to wait till fall to debut it!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful sweater!

  2. I loved this sweater when I got the magazine but I haven't actually seen this knit up anywhere. I might have to add this to my list when next winter rolls around.

  3. Dont mind the light or the dull photo.

    Is your workmanship that counts.

    another lovely piece of work.